Pats Same Day road trip – Can I make it?

After receiving numerous comments and questions from Channel 5 viewers this morning here at Logan, I thought I’d chronicle my same day coast to coast road trip. Yes’ while you were still sleeping restfully, I was at up at the crack of dawm (wait, I wish it was that late, it is still dark out there) make that 5am. Next stop Seattle and a 4pm Patriots-Seahawks kickoff.

Making the night’s sleep even shorter was that long Oklahoma blowout over Missouri which delayed our newscast over an hour putting my arrival home last night/this morning at after 1am.

Obviously I ran into no traffic on my way to the airport but remarkably I had a 10 minute wait at security- this is before 6 am, where are all these people going on a Sunday morning, on a very early sunday morning? I am now sitting on my Delta flight hoping for an on time departure and more importantly an on time arrival in Salt Lake City-my next stop on my way to Seattle. I’ll check in there and let you know how my progress is as I try to make it to Qwest Field in Seattle for kick-off.


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