Good news, Bad news

The good news outweighs the bad news so let’s get that out of the way. Watching Baltimore trounce Washington last night leaves much less of a chance to catch the Ravens in the hunt for a wild card spot(tho they do play Pittsburgh and @Dallas the next 2 weeks).

Now the good news, the Jets look like they are folding so all of a sudden the Afc East Division Crown is up for grabs.
The Patriots still need to win out which is realistic but they still need some help from one of the 3 opponents remaining on the Jets (Buffalo,,@Seattle & MIa) and Dolphins (SF, @KC, @NYJ) because the Patriots probably need to end up with a better record than both teams because of the Pats 5 conference losses which is one of the 1st tiebreakers.

Since the Dolphins finish their season at the Jets the loser of that game will probably end up being eliminated but the winner of that game needs to find a way to lose one of their next 2 games to help the Patriots chances of winning the division.

I think The Patriots must still win out @Oakland ( a gimme if there ever was one), vs Arizona who has already clinched their division-pray for snow, and @ Buffalo- pray for no snow and the good health of Bills back-up QB J P Loosman who is not good but playing since 1st strimg QB Trent Edwards is hurt .



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