Leaving the West Coast

Your beloved Patriots are already beginning to stagger into Gillette stadium to get checked by the medical staff, stretch out a little and get treatment(aka rubdowns), while I am still trying to get out of the Bay Area which, with the rain all day yesterday, lived up to it’s moniker.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how impressive yesterdays performance was by the Patriots while weighing it with how bad (and heartless) the Raiders are.

While there are so many talented (and huge) professional athletes these days, many of todays performances (and outcomes) are determined by how much heart a team has. Now I know that execution and intelligence are major factors, but both rely on exactly how much heart- how much you really care about your product. Yesterday, after the 1st 7 1/2 minutes, the Raiders were just thinking about their paychecks, their very large paychecks. And the guy receiving the biggest paycheck- QB LaMarcus Russell is a joke. He doesn’t have the heart or brainpower to execute anything. He would NEVER be drafted by a Bill Belichick run organization, even if he was the last QB on earth. The word trainwreck comes to mind. More losing days are ahead for the Raiders. I’m sure that fired coach Lane Kifflin realizes how lucky he is to be out of here.

OK, now to the Patriots. After you get by Matt Cassel’s impressive play considering all that he has had to deal with this past week, you must take a closer look at the running performance of the Patriots, specifically Sammy Morris (14 carries-117 yards) and LaMont Jordan (12 carries-97 yards) who each averaged better than 8 yards a carry. EIGHT plus yards per carry.!So how much of that was the apathetic Raiders? We are going to find out in the Pats next 2 weeks but the return of LaMont Jordan is a HUGE plus for this team. When the weather gets cold, you have to be abl;e to run the ball, and yesterday the Pats ran all over the Raiders- 277 yards to be exact.

So in comes pass happy Arizona, who Minnesota ran all over yesterday-237 yards rushing, to the tune of of a 35-14  Viking win, a win which started very similarly to yesterdays Pats game as both the Pats and Minnesota led 21-0 before the end of the 1st quarter.

So win out and see what happens. Just once in the last 30 years has a team gone 11-5 (Denver 1985) and not made the playoffs. I think the Broncos will still be alone in that statistic after this season.



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