Patriots Playoff Possibilities

A little clearer, but not much. That is what best secribes the PPP-Patriots Playoff Possibilities, so let’s try to simplify it.

To make the playoffs as the AFC East Division champ, The Patriots must win their last 2 vs (8-6)Arizona and @ (6-8)Buffalo, while

-The Jets (@ 3-11 Sea, vs 9-5 Mia) and the Dolphins (@ 2-12 KC, @ 9-5Jets)  must each lose once …obvioulsy one of them is going to lose the last game against the other, but can the other lose to one of the 2 dreadful teams they play next week??….the one oddity here is that a Jets-Dolphins tie in the last game would kill 2 birds with one stone. …1st Let me check with Donavan McNabb to see if their are still ties in the NFL.

The Patriots can also make the playoffs as a wild card team on what seems to be a much more feasible scenario. The Patriots win their last 2 while-

-The Ravens lose one of their last 2 and this Sunday they play at (9-5)Dallas, while finishing home against (5-9)Jacksonville.

Their are other ways the Pats can make the playoffs- but it is the same principle-win one more game than the Jets and the Dolphins, or the Ravens…..don’t even bring the Colts into the mix- that’s not going to happen.



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