Now Teixeira negotiations get Real interesting

As Mike Lynch 1st told you last night- Theo Epstein and John Henry went to Texas to meet Mark Teixeira to sit down and talk to him to guage the level of his interest and intentions. They liked what they heard from him. They didn’t like what they heard from his shark of an agent-Scott Boras. So they declared that they are “not going to be a factor” in these negotiations. Really?

I couldn’t disagree more. I think that the Red Sox are still a major factor in these negotiations which have now really begun to heat up. A visit from Theo and John Henry all the way to Texas? How many other teams executives have made that trip? This is high level negotiations and posturing at it’s best, or worst depending how you look at it.

I’d say the Angels are now the front runners, but do not yet count out the Red Sox. Never count out the Red Sox until the contract has been officially signed. I think the next few days will be very interesting. Stay tuned.



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