Great news

I wish I could give you definitive news on the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes between the Angels, Nationals and the Red Sox, sweepstakes that I think the Red Sox are going to end up winners (depending on how you view this), but let me pass on to you some great news which this Teixeira high stakes poker game with everybody bluffing has taken away.

The Celtics are as good as their incredible franchise best 25-2 record and 17 straight wins indicate.

Watching last nights game from an up close seat, I found myself saying wow a half dozen times, in the 1st quarter alone. Most of those came after either a play by Rajan Rondo or Kevin Garnett. Maybe it’s just because I’ve watched Paul Pierce for 10 plus years that generally I know what he is capable of and have seen it so I’m not in awe of what he does. And Ray Allen? Well, I must admit that I do marvel at every one of his feathery soft touch shots, but there has never been a player like Garnett while Rondo just gets better and better.

Rondo and Garnett are both virtually unguardable. Rondo can get to the basket whenever he wants and his teammates have learned to move to open spots on the floor when the defense adjusts to help on Rondo. And for a man 7 feet tall to have as soft of a touch on his shot as Garnett is almost unfair, unless of course he is on the Celtics.

Try to fully appreciate what this Celtics team has become-not just excellent but entertaining to watch. Wow… and what about the Bruins?



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