Put It In The Books – 2nd Half Running Thoughts

(6:44 to play in the 3rd) It’s over. Really, I’m calling this one Charlie Gibson-style for the Celtics. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have hit back to back dagger 3-pointers to give the Celtics an 18-point lead. Philly had better summon the ghosts of Wilt Chamberlain, Charles Barkley, Andrew Toney, and Moses Malone if they want to have a chance in this one.

(2:22 to play in the 3rd) Rajon and Scal just wished me a happy holiday… OK, they did it for the entire arena, but it got me in the spirt. The Celtics Dancers are also in the spirit, sporting Santa outfits tonight, although if Santa dressed like that he’d be pretty cold in the North Pole. The Sixers have made a mini-run to pull within 12. Despite this, Doc is sticking with his routine of pulling Pierce and Garnett towards the end of the 3rd to give them extra rest around the quarter change (he does this at the end of the 1st too). Powe and Allen are waiting to check in. Looks like they won’t get a chance. The quarter ends without another stoppage… Celtics up 78-66 after 3.

(10:36 remaining) Stay out of Leon Powe’s way! Lunchpail Leon has just dropped two slams on the Sixers, the second resulting in a 3-point play. We’ve got most of the second unit – TA, Scal, Leon, and House playing with Ray Allen. Celtics up 83-68.

(7:30 remaining) With the Celtics up 19, the Scal-A-Brine chants have started up. I really don’t think it bothers him THAT much. There are a plethora of WWSD? shirts around the Garden tonight… hilarious.

(5:18 remaining) BEAT LA! is the chant from the Garden faithful, who are enjoying a record-setting blowout. The Celtics are up 17, and even a recuperating Glen “Big Baby” Davis is cracking a smile on the bench.

(2:30 remaining) Eddie House is filling it up in garbage time, hitting back to back threes, and that is enough to wake the mighty GINO from his winter slumber! 104-86 – you’ll have to excuse me while I get my American Bandstand on.

Time to shut it down for the postgame, but go to bed tonight knowing this. Your 2008-2009 Boston Celtics are now off to the best start in NBA history. 27-2, never been done before. The only other teams to go 26-2 both won the the NBA championship.

Now it’s time to BEAT LA Christmas Day – 5:00 right here on WCVB-TV in high definition! We’ll see you then! Happy Holidays to you all!



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