Buffalo’s WACKY WINDY Weather

When the NFL schedule came out last spring, the trip to Buffalo on Dec 28th was not the most coveted one in media circles. At the time we figured that not only would the weather would be lousy, but  that the game probably wouldn’t mean alot. We were half right.

As we all know the game means everything to the Patriots chances of making the playoffs, and the weather IS lousy, but not quite how we all thought. Right now it is windier here in Buffalo than I have ever seen for a game. There was actually a rumor floating around that the game might be delayed 3 hours- that was quickly squelched. Just how windy is it?- they have already adjusted wind blown crooked goal posts twice and it’s only 11:30. Right now when there are usually about 20-30 players on the field in their shorts or sweats getting used to the conditions, there are a total of 6 players. All of them having to do with the place kicking game-snappers, holders and kickers.

The quarterbacks were out earlier seeing how they could throw with this wind. They went back in after about 5  minutes. What’s the point? My blog that I wrote yesterday about the Patriots running the ball-take it to the bank!

The temperature this morning here in Buffalo was 60 degrees. Right now it is 37 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like 23 degrees  (Dickie and Harvey will be so proud of me).

By the way, The Patriots charter does not get CBS (Delta must have decided that with CBS’s terrible ratings that it wouldn’t be missed :), so the Patriots will not be able to watch the Jets game on the way back to Boston. The Patriots charter does get ESPN news so that is what they will watch for Jewts updates on the way home.

Injury/inactive report coming up but Richard Seymour did not make the trip and will not play.


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