Pats miss Seymour

Hate to say anything derogatory about Swampscott’s own Dick Jauron but the Bills coach was outcoached out of an attempt to kick a field goal and tie this game up at half time.

1st off he used his 3rd and final timeout with :28 seconds left and with :22 seconds left the Patriots strung out a play long enough-while Bills back Fred Jackson ran off the field with the ball instead of giving it to the referees to set it down for a field goal attempt. And time ran out. Wow!

The Patriots rush defense is the 12th best in the league givin up an average of 104 yards a game. In the 1st half here in Buffalo, the Pats have already given up 115. Ouch. Richard Seymour’s absense is definitely a factor.

Pats should be grateful that they have one field goal on the board in this wind, giving them a 3-0 lead at intermission, an intermission that did not go quietly as Bills players and coaches were on the field for a long time arguing for more time to be put on the clock after that crazy ending.



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