Pats win, but Jets do them in, again

The Patriots tomorrow will be cleaning out their lockers because the overrated Brett Favre hand delivered an AFC East title to the Miami Dolphins. Wait, let me correct myself. Favre did not hand deliver the title to the Dolphins- he airmailed it to them, via 3 terrible interceptions, one which went for a Dolphins TD and since the final margin was 7 points- well what do you think?

The Patriots, winning their 11th game of the season 13-0 against the Bills, deserved a better fate but looking back it was Favre who did them in last month helping his Jets to that overtime win in Foxboro, so the Pats really have no one to blame but themselves.

It was quite an accomplishment for Bill Belichick and the remaining healthy Patriots players to win 11 games. Matt Cassel played beyond anyone’s wildest expectations including his own, tho he might not admit to that. Cassel did say after todays game that he was happy with what he was able to accomplish this year-Two 400 yard games, 21 TDs with just 11 INTs, nearly 4,000 yards passing. …In Tom Brady’s 7 regular seasons, just 2 of them were decididely better statistically. Cassel made himself alot of money as some team(San Francisco, The Jets?) will pay him a king’s ransom to put their uniform on next season.

The Patriots not making the playoffs probably won’t sink in until next weekend when you see 8-8 Arizona(who the Pats demolished last week) and Miami (who the Pats beat up last month) play while the Pats are sitting home.

So the off season begins with a need to continue to rebuild the defense-specifically to upgrade their team speed, and to sit home weighing the many what-ifs.



2 Responses

  1. The NFL needs to redo how the playoff system works. To think that an 11-5 team is not in the playoffs, and one that finished 8-8 is, is a travesty. It needs to work in such a way as the top 8 teams in each conference make the playoffs, regardless of division. Even the Jets had a better record, and they were outside looking in. Makes no sense to me…..

  2. Mike…Totally agree. Farve is soooooooooooooo overrated. I don’t understand why the media is so in love with this guy. The last 10 years he has been an average to below average QB. I would take 10 QBs over him.
    Bottom line the PATS did not win their Divisional and Conference games…It is tough missing the Playoffs but they came up short when it counted against the AFC.

    I think they need to sign Cassel with Brady’s injury up in the air. Keep up the good work Mike!

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