Something “Bruin”

Never have I seen the bandwagon of a winning team so empty -that is the present case of Boston Bruins.

I don’t think it says as much about the Bruins team as much as it does about the sport of hockey. There are just too many peripheral sports fans who just don’t know enough about hockey, much less the Bruins players, to get into it.

There is probably no passionate die hard fandom than hockey fans, more specifically Bruins fans. But because their is no real recognizable player or coach as well as the lack of a superstar is the reason that there is still plenty of room on the Bruins bandwagon.

There is also this little matter of the “old Red Sox defeatist attitude”. Because of the recent Bruins failures in the playoffs, many fans are still very cautious. But until the playoffs begin, sports fans should really enjoy and appreciate the incredible regular season the Bruins are having-10 straight wins (the most in 25 years), 14 straight at home. It really is amazing. Enjoy and appreciate. These guys do give an honest effort every single game which is, by itself, a refreshing characteristic these days in professional sports.



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