Source: Jags Firing To Be Announced Tomorrow

He crossed the boss and lost.

On the heels of his interview with the New York Jets, sources tell SportsCenter 5 that Boston College is waiting only for a face-to-face meeting to fire head football coach Jeff Jagodzinski.

That is expected to happen in the morning.

Jagodzinski led the Eagles to the Atlantic Coast Conference title game in his two seasons, losing both times to Virginia Tech. BC finished this season with a 9-5 record after losing to Vanderbilt in the Music City Bowl. They were 11-3 in his first season.

Athletic director Gene DiFilippo told Jagodzinski he would be fired if he went through with the interview, which reportedly took place Tuesday in New Jersey.


2 Responses

  1. does this mean if i go for a job interview while i am still at my present employer i will get fired…even though i am want to inprove my present job status…come on guys it was just a job interview he has not gotten the job yet.

  2. I fully understand DiFillippo’s desire for long-term and stabile coaching stability at the healm at BC. However, he’s a sophisticated player as AD at a major college, and should have simply insisted on a clause in Jags’ contract that forbade such contact. Meaning, fought out the issue at the beginning of the deal with Coach Jags, not relied on verbal understandings or implied agreements. Also, we’ve witnessed an unending procession of university AD’s firing coaches in the middle of their contract tenures when they weren’t performing – it happens all the time. Less obvious are the many opposite circumstances where a coach is not happy enough with those above him, and decides to pursue other opportunities. It’s life in the fast lane, the only losers being the players.

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