Celtics, Bruins and Jags

No one was rooting harder for the Celtics last night than the Bruins whose success seems to be tied to their Garden brethren. Throw out those ridiculous ties and the 2 teams records are identical and have been for the last week. When one team loses, the other team follows, and visa versa-scary.

So what is with the Celtics? The simplest explanation-too many games for an older team. Only Houston, Milwaukee, and Denver have played as many games as the Celtics while teams like the Knicks and the Hornets have played 4 games less. For a team whose 3 best players are in their 11th, 12th and 14th years- that is not good.

The big 3’s numbers have not taken a dow jones like dip, in fact they are very close to last seasons.  KG’s scoring average is down 2.7 points, and Paul Pierce’s shooting percentage is down from .464 to .443, but Ray Allen’s shooting percentage and scoring is up a little (tho the last 5 games it has taken a dow jones like dip).

They are a little tired and they are getting the other teams best efforts. And quite frankly, it is virtually impossible to keep up the level of intensity and excitement that they had during last years 1st year together.

So, do the Bruins follow suit and lose tonight- I say that tonight the string is broken.

BC Coach Jeff Jagodzinski is gone because he did not like the constant grind of PR appearances, recruiting, and baby sitting teen age players. He forgot just how much he enjoyed his previous 8 years of coaching in the pros-just coaching, while the added non-coach responsibilities became tiresome.That is why he went looking elsewhere. Money- 1.4 Mill a year did not buy him happiness. He is relieved. Meanwhile BC AD Gene DeFilipo has begun his search. I like Jack Bicknell Jr as the favorite. The 45 year old former Bc center has all of the qualities that DeFilipo is looking for.



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