Jim Rice gets emotional on selection into Hall of Fame

Jim Rice told me less than an hour after getting the call from Baseball’s Hall of fame committee that he has been voted into Baseball’s select company that he is greatly relieved. He also told me that tears came to his eyes ending 14 years of frustration that saw him not get enough votes since he 1st became eligible in 1995.

Rice was at his home watching his favorite soap opera when he received the call at about 1:20 this afternoon. Rice needed to receive 75% of the vote, he received 76% to get in by the skin of his teeth.

Rice goes in with Rickey Henderson who played 25 years in the majors and is the all-time stolen bases leader. Rice told me that he didn’t realize that Henderson played so long but  also told me that Rice’s own numbers match those of Henderson even tho Rice played 10 less years than Henderson. Of course the 2 are very different players-Rice making his mark as a power hitter, hitting 382 Home Runs while  Henderson was arguably the most dangerous player on the base paths ever to play the game.

Rice was very happy and relieved to finally get today’s call. See and hear his reaction tonight at 5 and 6 on newscenter 5.



One Response

  1. Now that Jim Ed has made the hall of fame will someone please look at Dwight Evans Stats & get him elected or nominated to the hall of fame…his numbers blow away anthing that Rice did

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