Varitek Groveling?

No Red Sox fan dislikes Jason Varitek. He has always been a stand-up guy and more importantly was a vital contributor to the Sox 2 World Series Championships. Having said that-who would have ever thought that he would have to plead with John Henry to get a new contract, as he did this past week meeting 1 on 1 with the Red Sox owner outside of Atlanta near Varitek’s off-season home.

Varitek’s biggest problem, besides his eroding skills and last years batting average of .220, is his choice of an agent in Scott Booras who grossly overestimated Varitek’s worth in this free agent market. Booras had hinted that he would be looking for something close to Jorge Posada’s recent 4 yr 52 million dollar contract. Wow!!! How out of touch can an agent be??

While Varitek’s achievements warrant that he and his present situation not be laughed at but isn’t it about time that agents (and their players) get a slapped with a dose of reality, which is what the Varitek situation is doing. We are less than 4 weeks away from Spring Training and Varitek does not have a job. He earned 10 million dollars last year. This season he will be happy earning the major league minimum. What else is he going to to do to make money? Right now no team wants him.

Scott Booras, who simply used the Red Sox in the Mark Texieria negotiations, has given Jason Varitek terrible advice. He cost him millions by not having his client go to salary arbitration. Booras did not do his job, a job which pays Booras millions and millions a year, and unfortunately for Jason Varitek that mistake may cost Varitek a chance to make a living this season.

No one is going to cry for Varitek who has made well over 50 Million dollars in his career. It is just sad if his career ends on this note.



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