Varitek is done

If Jason Varitek’s career here in Boston  isn’t over with, it should be.

Since he is turning his nose up at 5 million dollars a year (I mean really-he is expected to live on just 5 million dollars a year?), Boston fans will not be very forgiving, especially if he again hits .220 (.187 after May) this coming season and why should we think he is going to hit any better since he will turn 37 a week into the season.

Varitek is thinking of “sitting out” this coming season? or retiring? Uh, Jason, after hitting .220 your career is virtually over with now and if you “sit out” this season-you are retired!

Really,  is this unbelievable? Only in professional sports and only in professional baseball. Someone needs to slap this guy with a hard dose of reality because he is totally out of touch with the real world. Please, Red Sox, do NOT give in to this guy!

Jason, thanks for the memories and do yourself a favor and do not come back here-you’ll just ruin what for you was a pretty good career….but if you are really serious about “sitting out” and need something to do to stay in shape- there’s a job opening with the Celtics that requires some jumping off a trampoline, but will keep you in the public eye.



2 Responses

  1. I wish Tek would FIRE his money-grubbing AGENT who has done him NO favors (or Manny either — where’s HE going this year).
    C’mon Tek — you know you belong here…

  2. It’s 2:42 PM and SI has reported Jason has signed the contract. I am proud of Jason. As usual Jason has shown that he is a ‘true’ gentleman. If only the Red Sox owners and GM could put their dislike of Scott Boras behind them.
    Jason may have gotten a contract to match his loyalty.
    I as a fan could not imagine watching the team this year without him. Thank you Jason!
    Your LOYAL fan,

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