Bring on the Lakers

As I’m still trying to get over this Varitek signing for 5 Million -really 8 million since that is how much he is guaranteed over 2 years whether the team wants him for 2010 or not, and whether he hits over .220 or not (doubtful), It’s time to focus on the  Celtics

I hope you are appreciating what your basketbal team is doing! Ray Allen is having a great year, even by his all-star standards, and last night proved, again, that he deserves to be an all-star even tho NBA Commissioner David Stern will name Mo Williams as the substitute for Orlando’s injured Jameer Nelson.

Anyway, bring on the Lakers who will be in town tomorrow for their lone appearance of the 08-09 season. You remember the Celtics loss in LA on Christmas day so their is a little bit of payback due here. Kobe warmed up for the Celts with 61 Monday night in NY. Get those big games out of your system, Kobe, because that isn’t happening here against the League’s best defensive team.

Young Lakers center Andrew Bynum is out for 2-3 months which gives Kendrick Perkins another opportunity beat up Pau Gasol, which is always a fun thing to watch. I think the Celtics not only need to win but to send a message. I certainly don’t expect the kind of message they sent in last years game 6 massacre, but a 15-20 point win woulds do the trick. The Celts are the world champs and the Fakers need to be reminded of that factReminded strongly enough that they will not forget until they meet again, in June.



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