Any loss is painful, but losing to the Lakers with guys named Sasha and Pau and Kobe is extra extra excruciating. Throw in an overtime period and you have alot of sleepless nights as so many people replayed this game over and over again.

Doc Rivers was livid after last night’s game, verbally attacking the officials on the court after the game and then sharing his views on said officials (which you can hear this evening on Channel 5) with the press after the game. I don’t like bringing the officials into a post game discussion (tho they were not good) because the Celtics had plenty of chances to win this and just didn’t get it done.

The Celtics did not play the way they have played the last Month. I just cannot give credit to the Lakers defense which, while decent, was certainly not smothering. Paul Pierce reverted a little to his old “I’ll take over here” instead of passing the ball to open teammates who can shoot. Pierce’s attitude is not always a bad thing except last night Kobe was guarding him and go to teammate Kevin Garnett was on the sideline having fouled out.

So what does this loss mean long term? The single biggest negative for the Celtics is that the Lakers now believe they can win in Boston. That is not a good thing. I know, they haven’t won a playoff game here, but they’ve got to feel alot better about their chances in the future.

-It was nice to see Kobe miss 19 shots, but not so nice to see Big Baby shoot 1 for 8. Ugh, that hurt.

-It was nice to see Rondo look virtually unstoppable going to the basket no matter who was guarding him (including Kobe) as well as rebound and assist. It was not nice to see the Lakers mad spaniard Pau Gasol have 24 points and 14 rebounds.  14 rebounds??!! UGH!

It was nice to see Rondo refuse to take Kobe’s pompousness with a shove in the 2nd quarter but not so nice and very painful to see Sasha (and Malia) and Pau hug after this game like, well, like little girls. That visual by itself will cause more sleepless nights.



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