A-Rod,- A-Fraud or A-Roid?

I hesitate even using (wasting?) part of this space (and my time) to talk about Alex Rodriguez, but feel like I must weigh in since this is such a major sports story. Surprising? No, but still a big story.

Despite 2 years ago answering negative to Katie Couric’s pointed questions about whether or not he had ever used steroids, Rodriguez testing positive in 2003  cannot be surprising. Do you remember what Rodriguez looked like as a rookie? I do because I actually interviewed him before his 1st major league game at Fenway 15 years ago, when he was about 185 pounds. He is now 40 pounds heavier. Does this bring to mind another home run hitter?

This is something which will haunt Rodriguez the rest of his career especially every game here at fenway. It is going to get ugly. It is certainly not going to hinder his hitting. He is a great, great hitter. He is also very driven. He may be even better this season, (well, until the post season anyway).

Since none of the players who tested positive for steroids in 2003 were supposed to be made public you wonder what other big names will also be revealed and will any of those names be Red Sox players. That is not a leading question targeting any specific player but you’ve got to believe that there was at least one or 2 Red Sox players on that list of over 100 player who tested positive for steroids. I have an educated guess but I will not speculate.

A-Rod. A-Roid or A-Fraud? Take your pick. But you can bet that in 5 years he will be major league baseball’s all-time home run hitter passing Barry Bonds.  A-Rod should feel comfortable being right next to Bonds.



2 Responses

  1. I am a certified other team hater,however at least this guy has the gumption to admit it-if others had done the same who knows?Anyone who is honest deserves at least a fair shake irregardless of what team he plays for-(and I hope he stays with that team as every team he is on always underachieves!)

  2. I would think the Yankees would have grounds to void the contract they have with A-Roid. The contract was not made in good faith as his stats were not real.

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