Wake-Up Call

Good Morning from Ft. Myers where Red Sox pitchers and catchers are reporting throughout the day. A number of pitchers threw lightly today including Tim Wakefield who is back for his 15th season with the Red Sox. Wakefield spoke this morning and was effusive in his praise of teammate Jason Varitek who he labelled as “the glue that holds the team together,” he went on to add that “words cannot describe what Varitek means to this team.” Wakefield said he spoke with John Smoltz, who at 41, felt fine that Wakefield (43 in August) would be the oldest player on the Sox.

We’ll talk later in the day

Mike Lynch


One Response

  1. Is Tim Wakefield the best bargain in major league baseball, or what? Here’s a guy who can give the Sox 200 innings and probably 13-15 wins and is the ultimate team player. He’s not the guy I’d want on the mound in a must game situation, and it seems Tito feels the same way. But Wake has taken a back seat in the post season with class and dignity. As far as Tek is concerned, he’s a bargain too. Boras didn’t help him at all. He had a bad year offensively, but he’s still among the best defensive catchers in the game and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him hit .260 with 20 HRs and 75 RBIs this year.

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