They Like Mike

Mike Lowell drew loud cheers from fans and autograph seekers this morning when he stepped out of the Red Sox clubhouse. Lowell, who is recovering from hip surgery, hopes to be ready for the season opener in April. Lowell told us he has been hitting as well as throwing and the last obstacle for him is to “be able to run.” Lowell admitted that he felt hurt by the Red Sox puruit of Mark Texiera this winter. He knew that he, not Kevin Youkilis, would be moved if the Sox acquired Texiera. He said he was not kept in the loop by the Sox management, he followed the Texiera talks with his agent. He envisioned himself and Youkilis taking ground balls at third base in the spring, answering questions every day waiting to be traded. Although he was hurt he claims he has put it behind him. He plays “because I enjoy it and still love Boston.”

On the subject of A-Rod he feels bad for all of the guys who put up big numbers “by doing it the right way who don’t get enough credit.” He used an analogy citing the news where you see and hear all the unpleasant events of the world ( he musn’t be watching NewsCenter 5) while the people who do things “the right way need to be applauded more.”

Mike Lynch


3 Responses

  1. A gentleman of the game. You would expect nothing less from this guy and 99% of his team mates as well. Cudos to a class organization!

  2. About time. I’m glad the fans down there are showing their support of a guy whose done it right.
    While many of us watched with anticipation the possible trade rumers this winter, I, for one, wanted to see Lowell continue here and continue his winning ways with our Red Sox, at least to finish his contract.
    At the same time Texiera would have been a great pick up!

  3. Mike is a Red Sox player like those of old. The Sox lucked out when they didn’t get Texeria. Mike should listen to the fans because he and Lowery and Yuk and Dustin, Pap and Jason are true fan favorites. We may not ask Manny who? but I don’t see anyone beating down the door to get him

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