Garnett out for at least a week

Kevin Garnett is arriving in Boston Friday night to have an MRI on his injured right knee on saturday and get thoroughly checked out by team physician Brian McKeon.  Garnett will not rejoin the team for the rest of the western road trip. That trip includes 3 games in Phoenix Sunday, Denver Monday and LA Wednesday to play the Clippers before returning next Friday to face the Indiana Pacers at the Garden. A Celtics official told me that he is not that worried about the injury, which means that it should not affect their quest for a championship (which means that Garnett will be back in plenty of time for the playoffs in late April).

Worst case scenario is that the Celtics would find some loose or torn meniscus in Garnett’s right knee requiring minor arthroscopic surgery which would force Garnett to miss about a month.

Thursday night Celtics fans everywhere held their collective breath fearing the worst after Kevin Garnett limped off the court in Utah. Celtics fans were very releived when his injury was diagnosed as a starined knee.

The good news is that after the injury in the 1st half of Thursday night’s game, Garnett expressed a desire to play in the 2nd half  but after he warmed up and did not feel 100% the Celtics shut him down refusing to take any chances.

Garnett’s right knee has been bothering him for a few weeks and the Celtics will take no chances since having a healthy Garnett is the Celtics only chance to win it all.

Unlike the Patriots, the Celtics would have already told us if there is any major injury. It appears that their may be some cartilage damage which would put him out from a week to even a couple of weeks if minor arthroscopic surgery is required.

Again, the good news is that this injury to Kevin Garnett does not appear to be serious enough to force him to miss any of the playoffs which, ultimately this is all about.



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