Pats add running back

The Patriots have made a splash on the very 1st day of the NFL Free Agency period by signing 11 year veteran running back Fred Taylor. Taylor, who was recently released by the Jacksonville Jaguars is the 16th leading rusher in NFL history with over 11,000 yards and 60 touchdowns.

Now, Taylor is 33 years old and has carried the ball nearly 2500 times over his 11 year career. Last year he gained just 556 yards averaging 3.9 yards per carry but obviously Belichick thinks he has something left in the tank while not expecting him to carry the full load of a #1 back with Lawrence Maroney still around as well as Sammy Morris.

This signing follows the Patriots recent trend of signing veteran running backs, but unlike Corey Dillon, Taylor is known to be one of the nicest guys in the league. This signing certainly protects the Patriots from the injury plagued Maroney who over the past couple of years, the Pats had been counting on to be the teams #1 running back.

I like the signing mainly because this team must have some insurance for Maroney despite how well Morris played last year. The Pats have been a bit short handed at this position the past few years hoping Maroney would step up and holding their breath that Maroney would stay healthy which has not happened.



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