Can Celtics beat Cleveland

Friday night, LeBron and the Cavs come to town to see if they can prove that they can win here in Boston, since they have not done so since the new big 3 have been assembled. Unfortunately the Cavs may not need really to win here because it appears that, barring an injury to LeBron, they are headed to the best record in the East and home court advantage in the East. This is not good for the Celtics and their fans.

The Celtics beat the Nets Wednesday night but, for the 4th straight game without Kevin Garnett, it was not pretty. Giving up 111 points to the mediocre Nets is not something to be proud of for a team which prides itself on defense. As much as Doc Rivers may not want to admit it-without KG his team is a very average defensive squad. That’s just the way it is.

So Friday night the Cavs will be trying to send a message to the Celts that they can win here in Boston, KG or no KG. Let’s see if the Celtics can show some pride and gear up their game a notch or 2 to hold home court against the Cavs. I don’t think they can unless somehow they can get the Cavs down early and hope that they start to give up NBA style. Good Luck. We will go to the Cavs shootaround Friday morning to try and get a read as to exactly how motivated the Cavs are to come in and win on the champs home turf.



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