Cavs look like Lakers

Incredible that the sole loss of the injured Ben Wallace transformed the Cavs into a Laker like soft team. Let’s see, Ilgauskas-Gasol, Varejao-Lamar Odom. The Celtics manhandled, literally, the Cavs on the way to a convincing (embarrassing, if you are a Cavs fan) 105-94 win.

-and by the way-Is their any player in the NBA who gets more out of their talent and gives more effort than 6-7 Leon Powe who, playing against the 7-3 Ilgauskas and the 6-11 Varejao had 20 points and 11 rebounds in 27 minutes.

Credit the Celtics defense, specifically Paul Pierce, for holding LeBron to 5 of 15 shooting. LeBron, quite frankly, looked a bit disinterested. Shocking considering that the Cavs had a golden opportunity to put their foot on the throats of the Celts for home court advantage in the playoffs, and just did not get it done.

As I write this the morning after I still can’t begin to explain how arguably the best player in the game can be a virtual non-factor. Health was not a factor- I went to the Cavs morning shoot around and LeBron was extremely relaxed, joking with teammates every chance he had.

So can the Celtics catch the Cavs for best record in the east. To do so they must beat Cleveland in Cleveland when they play in April. They also need a little bit of help from another NBA team or 2 (like Orlando and Phoenix who both play the Cavs on their home courts). 19 games remain for the Celtics, 21 for the Cavs and anything can happen but 1st things 1st-Dwight Howard and the Magic in town for  Sunday matinee.


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