Rondo is back, Bruins, and Greatest College game ever?

Rajon Rondo just pronounced himself into tonight’s line-up against Memphis even tho Doc Rivers had minutes before said that Rondo is “probable”. Rondo told me that while he is not 100%, nobody else is either and he feels good enough to play. He said that he feels better than he did when he finished last Friday’s game against the Cavaliers after he had sprained his ankle earlier in that game.

Rondo’s insertion into tonight’s line-up will be a big boost to the Celts who are still waiting for the return of Glen Davis who will be another 2 games, Kevin Garnett who may be another 3, Brian Scalabrine who will be another 2 weeks and Tony Allen who will return soon after that.

A much needed win by the Bruins Thursday night should coax some of the die hard B’s fans off the Tobin Bridge (and off hold on the talk radio phone lines), but… it would have been nicer to see the Bruins thoroughly overwhelm Ottawa for the entire 60 minutes.  But as Shawn Thornton said before the game “let’s even grind out some ugly wins if that’s what it takes to get us back on the winnig track”.

Now, only the true (sick?) fans (me) stayed up for last night’s epic 6 overtime game between UConn and Syracuse. After a near classic finish in regulation that saw a winning Syracuse hoop at the buzzer disallowed as it was shot a tenth of a second late. After that, anything and everything went thur 6 overtimes.

Quite frankly, as the game went on, I was not surprised to see it continue and continue thru overtime after overtime. It was that type of game. After not trailing for the last 8:24 of regulation, Syracuse never led thru the 1st 5 overtimes. Not Once. That’s over 25 minutes of trailing or being tied, which is exactly what they were after regulation and 5 straight overtimes.

We will have more on this tonight at 6 as well. …and not that I am a betting man but if i was, I think I’d put the house on West Virginia over Syracuse.



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