Schilling, Garnett and NCAA

Curt, we hardly knew you. Or was it that we knew too much about you since you couldn’t stop talking. Whatever the case, you and your clutch pitching will be missed and remembered forever by Red Sox fans.

Schilling came here in 2004 and immediately delivered on his promise to help break the 86 year drought by continuing his clutch post season pitching performances…oh yah he won 21 games during the regular season as well. He delivered. Now, he did have plenty of help in ’04 from Manny and Oritz and Pedro and Derrick Lowe and Dave Roberts, but he beat the Yankees in Yankee stadium in a game 6 that will never ever be forgotten, something about a bloody sock.

In ’07 his post season ERA was even better than ’04, going 3-0 and helping the Red Sox to their 2nd World title in 4 years. But Schilling was so much bigger than just a baseball player. He had the courage to speak his mind no matter how much or little was on his mind. He even called out a local sportswriter calling him lazy amongst a number of things. Didn’t matter-Schilling delivered on the field, especially on the field in the Post season where he was 11-2 with 3 World Titles (yah he even helped bring the Diamondbacks a title which may be a bigger achievement than the the Red Sox…the Diamondbacks!, he did beat the Yankees in that WS)

Curt, we’ll miss you. Personally I will never forget that conditioning run he attempted at the beginning of  ’07. Schilling never pretended that he was a finely tuned athlete. He knew how to pitch and outsmart his opponents. He is a lost breed.

Bring on Garnett. How great is it to watch Kevin Garnett and the intensity he brings to a basketball game? He played just under 32 minutes total in the 2 Celtics games over the weekend yet there was no more important player. He stands alone, like Schilling did for the uniqueness they bring to their team and sport. Really- Garnett is one of a kind. He actually gave Rondo a light slap on the bench during saturday night’s win and that was after lifting up assitant coach Armand Hill near the end of Friday night’s big win at San Antonio. For anyone who loves compeition (or just winning) It is GREAT to see him back.

NCAA Tournament- Does Wake Forest have the worst coach in the NCAA tournament? All that talent and they get beat by Cleveland State?? C’mon. …Yes, I had Wake to get to the finals so they killed me, but that certainly does not cloud my judgement. OK, maybe a little.  And if you don’t believe my talent evaluation, just watch this years NBA draft and watch how many of Wake’s players go in the 1st round. 



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