No Garnett, No Problem

For the 2nd straight game and 16th in the last 20, Kevin Garnett was not in uniform but last night KG was not needed because last night the opponent was the lowly Oklahoma City Thunder.

So when will we again see KG? When should we again see KG? When is the next time we really need to see KG? Those are the questions Celtics management is asking themselves. The biggest challenge in answering those questions is KG himself.

The Celts would like to just shut him down for another week or 2 just to make sure that he will be ready for the playoffs. KG is itching to get back and I mean really itching. Now he is smart enough to understand the long range goal here but when he is able to play, he wants to play-Really wants to play, and KG is able to play but not the way that KG really likes to play, so the tough decision.

Sit him and just tell him he has earned a weeks vacation and then reassess next week. Just 7 games remain in the regular season. Take off the 2 games this week. They have 5 days in between this Friday’s game against Atlanta and next Wednesday’s game against New Jersey (which will be a little like last night’s 18 pt win over Okl City,aka-easy).

I’d say let Garnett play in 2 or 3 of their final 4 games as a warm-up (their last 2 are back to back and he should not play in one of those). The he would have 2 or 3 practice days before the 1st round of the playoffs (probably Detroit or Philly) which should be alot easier than last years 7 game series against Atlanta.


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