Garnett Out

Kevin Garnett is out indefinitely. As we 1st told you last Friday night on SportsCenter 5, The Celtics were thinking very seriously of shutting Garnett down for the rest of the regular season and today Doc Rivers used that exact same terminology saying “We are shutting him down” saying Garnett will not play at least the next 3 games with the remote possibility of playing a couple of games the last week of the season. That, unfortunately, is the best case scenario.

Garnett, who played parts of 4 games after missing 13 games because of a strained muscle behind his right knee, has just not healed and in fact was not close to 100% in the 4 games  he did play.

The Celtics have 7 games remaining in the regular season season- 2 this week-Charlotte on Wed and Atlanta on Friday, 2 next week-Wed vs NJ & Fri vs Miami. The Miami game is a possibility for Garnett. The Celtics follow that up with a game at Cleveland on Sunday April 12th, and then stay on the road for a game Tues the 14th @Philly before finishing the regular season the very next night vs Washington.

That last game against Washington would be the most realistic possibility of Garnett suiting up for a regular season game as a mini tune up for the playoffs which would start the next weekend.



2 Responses

  1. Has not “heeled”? How about “has not healed”, meaning mending, not “heel fido!”

    • My Mistake. Have got to remember to use spell check after racing thru a blog to get it on line as soon as possible. Thanks for reeding. I promise to be more conscientious….I mean reading, of course

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