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Meet Pats top draft choice
April 30, 2009

As far as 1st impressions go- Patrick Chung did pretty well..

Chung is the Patriots top draft choice selected 2nd(34th overall) in the 2nd round. This morning He stood at a podium with Robert Kraft and his son Jonathon, not alot taller than the diminiutive duo, but you can bet Chung is alot  tougher.

When I met Chung he gave me a nice firm handshake (a nice lesson for all of you youngsters meeting someone for the first time). He is listed at 212 pounds and is already being compared to a young Rodeny Harrison. He was very humble today when that comparison was made. “Everybody is their own player. Mr. Harrison is his own player. Im my own player. Brandon Meriweather is his own player. James Sanders is his own player. Its just what you bring to the table, what you mean to the team, and whats best suited for the scheme and for the defense [to] make the defense better. I will do whatever Coach asks me to, regardless of what it is.”

Chung also expressed his desire to work as hard as he possibly can to help make an impact on the Patriots team. He’d better be ready to make an impact because being drafted that high, Belichick doesn’t have plans for this guy to warm the bench. I’d be shocked if  he wasn’t the teams starting safety on Opening night (here on Channel 5) against the Bills.

Chung also mentioned how fortunate he feels to be in this position.  ” I was born in Jamaica, so I didnt know football. I was all soccer. And then I tried out, first time playing football, freshman year of high school. My main concern was, I just want to go to college. I just want to go to college. I got into college and Im playing pretty good. Im playing pretty good the next year, and then, Oh man, maybe I can get to the next level. And it just hit me and thats when I started going hard. I started thinking [that] I could start taking care of my family. My mom and dad sacrificed for me, and its time for me to return the favor and have them be proud to have their son graduate and be at the

By the way, Chung does sport some short beaded dreadlocks-must be his Jamaican heritage. Tho he sounded a little like harrison with his love for hitting,  he won’t be talking like the always available and co-operative Harrison. Belichick will soon have a muzzle on the rookie so take in everything he said today, it may be the last we hear from him in quite some time.



Retaliation from Bulls in game 6?
April 30, 2009

Bulls Center Brad Miller made some rather pointed remarks following his teams loss (and his personal beating) in game 5.  Miller thought that Rondo’s last second foul to Miller’s head was, ironically, over the top. So with that fuel added to the fire, expect a rabid 22,000 fans in the United Center tonight.

So with an energized crowd on tonight, will they will incite some more physical play? and will the referees try to police that from the opening tip?

I asked Doc Rivers if he expected any retribution from Rondo’s late foul on Miller and he said definitively said no. The Bulls don’t exactly have a team built for physical play with the thinly built Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas as their starting big men. But do expect some hard screens (fouls) from Miller.

I believe The Celtics biggest concern in all this is Kendrick Perkins keeping his cool. They cannot afford to lose him for any length of time, whether it is foul trouble or ejection or worst case scenario- a suspension.

More intrigue to what has been a tightly fought series and it all begins in a matter of hours.


Already a Classic
April 29, 2009

Not exactly the kind of series you would prescribe for a team whose President has just had a heart attack!

Has their ever been an opening round NBA playoff series so hotly contested? Well, their has never been any playoff series played with 3 overtime games, and we’re only 5 games into this series. With a possible 2 games left, who would be surprised if we don’t get another overtime game?  Or even 2?

Paul Pierce last night stepped up when needed with 3 straight similar shots that have become unstoppable (so much so that you wonder why he doesn’t shoot them more often or at least earlier in a game ). While Pierce’s name will be mentioned as the final hero in this one, that stage would not have been possible without some tremendous efforts by many of his teammates.

Rajan Rondo. We’re simply running out of superlatives for the point guard who has become one of the league’s 5 best-arguably the best in this years playoffs. He appears to be virtually unstoppable. His stats of 28 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists don’t say it all. He is one of a handful of guys in this entire league that is worth the price of admission.

Kendrick Perkins. 19 rebounds and 7 blocked shots. This from a lumbering guy who 6 years ago looked like he was more concerned (and more capable) of pulling up his shorts on the court than scoring. Last night he was immense. Opponents think twice before attacking he basket when Perk is standing there

Big Baby. What player in the entire league has improved as much as Davis has in the last year? He should be a runaway winner for that award. Big Baby was actually a unsung hero last night with 21 points.

This series has picked up in physical play, especially with Rondo’s swipe of Brad Miller’s face to prevent a layup (and probably prevent a 2nd overtime). Good thing the Bulls have no real big tough physical players or this would get real chippy.

Do the Celts have enough to finish off the Bulls in Chicago on Thursday? Do they have another game 3 in their system? Maybe, but I think that the Bulls do not have a sub par game 3 performance in them. If you are a Celtics fan, you may want to block out Saturday- the scheduled date for game 7 (and if you’re real optimistic- the scheduled date for game 1 of the next playoff series).


Pierce missed free throw again costs C’s
April 26, 2009

I know that Paul Pierce missed just 1 free throw in this double overtime loss while making 8, but did he have to miss it with 18 seconds left in overtime with a chance to clinch the win. Throw in his miss at the end of regulation in game 1 and the Celts are just 2 made free throws away from sweeping the Bulls. I know- could haves and should haves, but we are talking just 2 free throws.

Now it’s back to the Garden for what has turned into a best of 3 and is anybody else getting sick of Joakim Noah’s act? When did someone tell him that he is a young Kevin Garnett. I know that Noah’s act -lots of big mouth spouting off and histrionics, makes KG sick.  Not being to play (and torch Noah) makes KG even more sick in this case.

So to Tuesday night we go where I think the real Paul Pierce, or should I say last years playoff Paul Pierce,  will show up, and the Celtics will win. But he’d better or the Bulls Ben Gordon or Derrick Rose might just go for 40 and throw another scare into the World Champs.


Patriots Turn To Twitter
April 24, 2009

THIS JUST IN: Commissioner Roger Goodell says he’s going to investigate this whole “twittering” thing. Apparently he isn’t too thrilled that both the Patriots and Chargers are suggesting their draft picks will appear on Twitter before the Commish makes it to the podium. Stay tuned!

From the team’s PR department:

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Patriots will use Twitter to announce their 2009 draft picks in real time. Each of the Patriots’ picks during the NFL Draft this weekend will be announced at, the official Twitter feed of the New England Patriots.

Following the draft, the “RealPatriots” Twitter feed will be used to distribute official Patriots information, including player transactions, player appearances and other official announcements from the team’s public relations staff.

“We might even get a few draft picks out via Twitter before they are announced on TV, so any Patriots fans following the draft closely are encouraged to begin following RealPatriots on Twitter,” said Patriots Vice President of Media Relations Stacey James. “Of course this is the first time we are attempting this, so it should be interesting.”

Pierce wakes up
April 24, 2009

Paul Pierce wasn’t bad in the 1st 2 playoff games, he was just in cruise control. That cannot happen with Kevin Garnett on the sideline. Quite frankly the Celtics were fortunate to be tied at a game apiece. That all changed last night, Paul Pierce woke up.

Pierce came out from the get go, which he really needs to do every game, hitting his 1st 6 shots and setting the tone for the entire game. Pierce’s energetic start was matched by Rondo and Big Baby to form a new big 3 and the Bulls didn’t have a chance.

The continual improvement of Rondo is amazing. He has definitely positioned himself as one the top 5 point guards in the entire league. And Big Baby?- I think his agent must be  continually reminding his client that he is in a contract year. The way Davis is playing he could break the bank. He is a legitimate staring power forward in this league. Good Luck Celtics in re-signing him.

If the Celtics can continue to get play from “A big 3”, whether Ray Allen is involved or not, they could dispose of the Bulls in 5 games.


Bruins for real
April 23, 2009

Buckle up, this is going to be a long playoff run for the Bruins, a long and what looks to be a fun playoff run.

Last year the Celtics gave us nearly 2 months of exhilarating fun during the playoffs. This year that baton seems to have been handed off to, or at least taken by the Bruins. Exhibit A-Last night’s deciding 4-1 win to finish off a sweep of the Montreal Candiens. Now the Canadiens were not a very good team, but the Bruins had not won a playoff series in 10 years so any series win is worth celebrating especially against Montreal no matter how mediocre they are. The Bruins good play made Montreal look even worse.

Nice to see good guys succeed, good guys like Shawn Thornton, Patrice Bergeron, Tim Thomas, Mark Recchi, and the list goes on and on. An easy team to like.

So bring on the Rangers, the Rangers now lead their series with the Caps 3 games to 1. Until then, some much needed rest for the Bruins who can savor their 1st playoff series win in 10 year. Bruins fans hope that they only have to wait a few more weeks for their next playoff series win.


Leon Powe out for playoffs
April 21, 2009

Bad news today for the Celtics and one of their most popular players- Leon Powe. Doctors revealed that Powe last night tore his ACL and will need surgery putting him out of the playoffs.

Powe, who is one of the nicest young men you’ll ever meet and has overcome a very tough upbringing, has already had 2 major surgeries on his left knee-1 in High School and 1 in College. Powe missed 15 of the last 17 regular season games due to an injury to his right knee.

Powe’s toughness will be missed. Powe actually played 3 minutes of last night’s game after he tore his ACL. This is another devastating blow to an injury riddled team with Kevin Garnett already on the sideline with an injured knee.

Here’s hoping that Powe makes a full recovery and ends up back in a Celtics uniform next year. His present contract runs out after this season. It would be nice if Powe could comeback next season for a repeat of last years game 2 in the finals when his effort and toughness helped take apart the Lakers. Who will ever forget him taking the ball nearly the length of the court thru the lakers defense for a dunk with an aghast Phil Jackson watching in the background.

April 21, 2009

I am still replaying last night’s scintillating Celtics win as well
as the Bruins big win over Montreal but here I sit in Foxborough
listening to Bill Belichick talk about this weekends NFL Draft.
He has already grabbed our attention by wearing relatively normal
street clothes- an open neck tan shirt and slacks. No trademark hoodie or shorts. So did he say anything revealing?-same old Bill.

The Patriots have 1 1st rounder and 3 2nds-4 picks in the top 58, so
Belichick has repeated how much flexibility he has to trade up if he wants to I think he will as he has also talked about how much of a drop off their is after the 1st round.

OK, enough of this draft talk-let’s get back to the Celtics and Bruins, and oh yah-The Red Sox.

No Garnett Devastating! What about Lucic?
April 20, 2009

Ok, I am not really jumping to this conclusion after just one playoff game but C’mon-that 1st half effort was embarrassing. No wonder Garnett was not seen on the bench in the 2nd half-he was in the locker room getting sick. What are these guys thinking? It looked like their 1st game without KG. It was game #26! get over it and start playing like a team, a hustling team.

I do think their play in game 2 will be much better tho do not discount the Bulls. This is a good young team and THE worst thing the Celtics cold have done was to give them the confidence that they can win, much less win at Boston. Now you can’t just beat the Bulls, you must deflate them. Peddle to the medal and make them sorry they even showed up and give them a 4th quarter that cannot end soon enough, kind of like the Bruins did to the Canadiens on Saturday

Speaking of whom, the Bruins look like a team on a Mission, a mission that tonight must go on without Milan Lucic who has been suspended for game 3. I think they will play well without their tough guy. They sent a message on Saturday night to the Canadiens with their 5-1 trouncing. It will be electric (and crazy) tonight in Montreal.

The 113th running of the Boston Marathon today, as must of you now is truly a unique event. Give all of the out of towner runners a warm New England welcome. They will need it with todays temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s.