Early Impressions

Some showers have come and gone. It is still cool but it looks as tho we won’t see any more rain (hopefully)

The Red Sox have just finished batting practice and after observing BP and fielding practice here is my pick for most improved Red Sox player for this year- JD Drew. I know he is going to be injured for part of the year, but I think he will keep that to a minimum and improve upon last years .280 average, 19 home runs and 65 runs batted in. Just watching him take batting practice and you can see why Theo and company fell in love with him. He is a professional hitter.

I think Pedroia and Youkilis will duplicate last years MVP type years. Jason Bay will be good but I doubt he will duplicate last years 31 total home runs. I think Ortiz wil get his home run total back up into his 2007 production of 35 home runs.

My biggest concern is Mike Lowell. Theo told me yesterday specifically that Lowell has done everything that they have asked but just watching Lowell walk, field and hit, he does not look all the way back from hip surgery. That is understandable since that is major surgery. I think his playing time is going to be scaled back. I think he will not play all 3 home games of this series and sitting him tomorrow night would prevent him from playing back to back games.

Tampa Bay- I like their line-up, alot. But their pitching cannot match the Red Sox- I think they will be neck and neck with the Yankees for that wild card playoff spot.



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