What a Start

Tough not to get too optimistic for this years Red Sox chances after their solid opening day win. Then again, this is only one win. ..So what, why shouldn’t Red Sox fans be very optimistic because the opening day win had virtually everything they wanted to see.

Josh Beckett was very good. This obviously shows that he is back to his form of 2007’s 20-7 form and is over last years injury plagued up and down season.

Dustin Pedroia may make a run at another MVP. His 1st at bat hitting a home run. He looks like he can hit any pitch (no matter what that video game cmmercial says) anytime.

Kevin Youkilis looks like he will again challenge for the MVP. 2 hits-he is a hitting machine and may play 162 games with his added duties at 3rd base.

Jason Varitek hitting a home run after his .220 13 home run season last year. While Varitek downplayed it after the game, all of his teammates expressed great pleasure is seeing him succeed at the plate.

JD Drew-professional hitter. I think he’s going to have a big year.

Mike Lowell-while I think he is not all the way back, he did manage a wall scraping double. I wouldn’t play him too much in this cold weather. His hip surgery is a tough one to come all the way back from this early.

Jonathon Papelbon-need I say more? One appearance, two strikeouts, one save, game over.



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