Garnett News Devastating?

I may be in the minority on this one, but I am more anxious than ever to see the start of the playoffs without Kevin Garnett. No, I haven’t lost all my marbles and Yes, I like the Celtics chances alot more with a healthy Kevin Garnett playing, but aren’t you now very curious to see how the rest of this team reacts without last years defensive player of the year?

Doc Rivers told us today before their practice that Garnett tried to work out this morning but couldn’t even run without an obvious limp and both he and Garnett knew that there was no way he could play. Initially Garnett balked at the outcome, but after just a few moments he agreed with Rivers.

So back to the healthy Celtics-We’re not talking about 12-15 slouches here. On most nights Paul Pierce can play with anybody in the NBA as he proved in last years playoffs vs LeBron and Kobe. Glen Big Baby Davis is twice the player he was last year at this time and is now a serious threat. The return of a healthy Leon Powe couldn’t have come at a better time and is a critical factor to this teams success. Oh Yah, and then there is 7 time all-star Ray Allen who cannot afford a repeat of last years suprising disappearing act during a few weeks of last years playoffs. Tony Allen has returned healthy, Eddie House is shooting better than ever and maybe even Brian Scalabrine may return.

All the elements of a succesful run in the playoffs are in place, even without Kevin Garnett, who still might be able to return later in the playoffs tho at this time no one is counting on him. But Celtics fans are counting on every other player to step it up. Saturday at 12:30 can’t come soon enough.



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  1. Mike – I agree on the C’s. But, you left out Rondo. He’s got to step up (more) in the playoffs without KG. As for Scal, can’t someone locate M.L. Carr’s towel for him to wave?

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