No Garnett Devastating! What about Lucic?

Ok, I am not really jumping to this conclusion after just one playoff game but C’mon-that 1st half effort was embarrassing. No wonder Garnett was not seen on the bench in the 2nd half-he was in the locker room getting sick. What are these guys thinking? It looked like their 1st game without KG. It was game #26! get over it and start playing like a team, a hustling team.

I do think their play in game 2 will be much better tho do not discount the Bulls. This is a good young team and THE worst thing the Celtics cold have done was to give them the confidence that they can win, much less win at Boston. Now you can’t just beat the Bulls, you must deflate them. Peddle to the medal and make them sorry they even showed up and give them a 4th quarter that cannot end soon enough, kind of like the Bruins did to the Canadiens on Saturday

Speaking of whom, the Bruins look like a team on a Mission, a mission that tonight must go on without Milan Lucic who has been suspended for game 3. I think they will play well without their tough guy. They sent a message on Saturday night to the Canadiens with their 5-1 trouncing. It will be electric (and crazy) tonight in Montreal.

The 113th running of the Boston Marathon today, as must of you now is truly a unique event. Give all of the out of towner runners a warm New England welcome. They will need it with todays temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s.


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