Leon Powe out for playoffs

Bad news today for the Celtics and one of their most popular players- Leon Powe. Doctors revealed that Powe last night tore his ACL and will need surgery putting him out of the playoffs.

Powe, who is one of the nicest young men you’ll ever meet and has overcome a very tough upbringing, has already had 2 major surgeries on his left knee-1 in High School and 1 in College. Powe missed 15 of the last 17 regular season games due to an injury to his right knee.

Powe’s toughness will be missed. Powe actually played 3 minutes of last night’s game after he tore his ACL. This is another devastating blow to an injury riddled team with Kevin Garnett already on the sideline with an injured knee.

Here’s hoping that Powe makes a full recovery and ends up back in a Celtics uniform next year. His present contract runs out after this season. It would be nice if Powe could comeback next season for a repeat of last years game 2 in the finals when his effort and toughness helped take apart the Lakers. Who will ever forget him taking the ball nearly the length of the court thru the lakers defense for a dunk with an aghast Phil Jackson watching in the background.


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