Bruins for real

Buckle up, this is going to be a long playoff run for the Bruins, a long and what looks to be a fun playoff run.

Last year the Celtics gave us nearly 2 months of exhilarating fun during the playoffs. This year that baton seems to have been handed off to, or at least taken by the Bruins. Exhibit A-Last night’s deciding 4-1 win to finish off a sweep of the Montreal Candiens. Now the Canadiens were not a very good team, but the Bruins had not won a playoff series in 10 years so any series win is worth celebrating especially against Montreal no matter how mediocre they are. The Bruins good play made Montreal look even worse.

Nice to see good guys succeed, good guys like Shawn Thornton, Patrice Bergeron, Tim Thomas, Mark Recchi, and the list goes on and on. An easy team to like.

So bring on the Rangers, the Rangers now lead their series with the Caps 3 games to 1. Until then, some much needed rest for the Bruins who can savor their 1st playoff series win in 10 year. Bruins fans hope that they only have to wait a few more weeks for their next playoff series win.



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