Pierce missed free throw again costs C’s

I know that Paul Pierce missed just 1 free throw in this double overtime loss while making 8, but did he have to miss it with 18 seconds left in overtime with a chance to clinch the win. Throw in his miss at the end of regulation in game 1 and the Celts are just 2 made free throws away from sweeping the Bulls. I know- could haves and should haves, but we are talking just 2 free throws.

Now it’s back to the Garden for what has turned into a best of 3 and is anybody else getting sick of Joakim Noah’s act? When did someone tell him that he is a young Kevin Garnett. I know that Noah’s act -lots of big mouth spouting off and histrionics, makes KG sick.  Not being to play (and torch Noah) makes KG even more sick in this case.

So to Tuesday night we go where I think the real Paul Pierce, or should I say last years playoff Paul Pierce,  will show up, and the Celtics will win. But he’d better or the Bulls Ben Gordon or Derrick Rose might just go for 40 and throw another scare into the World Champs.



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