Already a Classic

Not exactly the kind of series you would prescribe for a team whose President has just had a heart attack!

Has their ever been an opening round NBA playoff series so hotly contested? Well, their has never been any playoff series played with 3 overtime games, and we’re only 5 games into this series. With a possible 2 games left, who would be surprised if we don’t get another overtime game?  Or even 2?

Paul Pierce last night stepped up when needed with 3 straight similar shots that have become unstoppable (so much so that you wonder why he doesn’t shoot them more often or at least earlier in a game ). While Pierce’s name will be mentioned as the final hero in this one, that stage would not have been possible without some tremendous efforts by many of his teammates.

Rajan Rondo. We’re simply running out of superlatives for the point guard who has become one of the league’s 5 best-arguably the best in this years playoffs. He appears to be virtually unstoppable. His stats of 28 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists don’t say it all. He is one of a handful of guys in this entire league that is worth the price of admission.

Kendrick Perkins. 19 rebounds and 7 blocked shots. This from a lumbering guy who 6 years ago looked like he was more concerned (and more capable) of pulling up his shorts on the court than scoring. Last night he was immense. Opponents think twice before attacking he basket when Perk is standing there

Big Baby. What player in the entire league has improved as much as Davis has in the last year? He should be a runaway winner for that award. Big Baby was actually a unsung hero last night with 21 points.

This series has picked up in physical play, especially with Rondo’s swipe of Brad Miller’s face to prevent a layup (and probably prevent a 2nd overtime). Good thing the Bulls have no real big tough physical players or this would get real chippy.

Do the Celts have enough to finish off the Bulls in Chicago on Thursday? Do they have another game 3 in their system? Maybe, but I think that the Bulls do not have a sub par game 3 performance in them. If you are a Celtics fan, you may want to block out Saturday- the scheduled date for game 7 (and if you’re real optimistic- the scheduled date for game 1 of the next playoff series).



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