Meet Pats top draft choice

As far as 1st impressions go- Patrick Chung did pretty well..

Chung is the Patriots top draft choice selected 2nd(34th overall) in the 2nd round. This morning He stood at a podium with Robert Kraft and his son Jonathon, not alot taller than the diminiutive duo, but you can bet Chung is alot  tougher.

When I met Chung he gave me a nice firm handshake (a nice lesson for all of you youngsters meeting someone for the first time). He is listed at 212 pounds and is already being compared to a young Rodeny Harrison. He was very humble today when that comparison was made. “Everybody is their own player. Mr. Harrison is his own player. Im my own player. Brandon Meriweather is his own player. James Sanders is his own player. Its just what you bring to the table, what you mean to the team, and whats best suited for the scheme and for the defense [to] make the defense better. I will do whatever Coach asks me to, regardless of what it is.”

Chung also expressed his desire to work as hard as he possibly can to help make an impact on the Patriots team. He’d better be ready to make an impact because being drafted that high, Belichick doesn’t have plans for this guy to warm the bench. I’d be shocked if  he wasn’t the teams starting safety on Opening night (here on Channel 5) against the Bills.

Chung also mentioned how fortunate he feels to be in this position.  ” I was born in Jamaica, so I didnt know football. I was all soccer. And then I tried out, first time playing football, freshman year of high school. My main concern was, I just want to go to college. I just want to go to college. I got into college and Im playing pretty good. Im playing pretty good the next year, and then, Oh man, maybe I can get to the next level. And it just hit me and thats when I started going hard. I started thinking [that] I could start taking care of my family. My mom and dad sacrificed for me, and its time for me to return the favor and have them be proud to have their son graduate and be at the

By the way, Chung does sport some short beaded dreadlocks-must be his Jamaican heritage. Tho he sounded a little like harrison with his love for hitting,  he won’t be talking like the always available and co-operative Harrison. Belichick will soon have a muzzle on the rookie so take in everything he said today, it may be the last we hear from him in quite some time.



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