Retaliation from Bulls in game 6?

Bulls Center Brad Miller made some rather pointed remarks following his teams loss (and his personal beating) in game 5.  Miller thought that Rondo’s last second foul to Miller’s head was, ironically, over the top. So with that fuel added to the fire, expect a rabid 22,000 fans in the United Center tonight.

So with an energized crowd on tonight, will they will incite some more physical play? and will the referees try to police that from the opening tip?

I asked Doc Rivers if he expected any retribution from Rondo’s late foul on Miller and he said definitively said no. The Bulls don’t exactly have a team built for physical play with the thinly built Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas as their starting big men. But do expect some hard screens (fouls) from Miller.

I believe The Celtics biggest concern in all this is Kendrick Perkins keeping his cool. They cannot afford to lose him for any length of time, whether it is foul trouble or ejection or worst case scenario- a suspension.

More intrigue to what has been a tightly fought series and it all begins in a matter of hours.



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