Greatest Playoff Series ever?

With game 6 going 3 overtimes, you have got to say that the Celtics-Bulls opening round playoff series is the greatest ever. With 4 of the 6 games going to overtime, it certainly is the closest. And we still have a game 7 to go!

No one team in the history of the NBA has ever been involved in 4 overtime games in not just one series but in all playoff games played in one post-season. So what can we possibly expect in Game #7.

Game 6 was yet another game in this series the Celtics should have won, or at least had plenty of chances to win. When you are up by 8 with 3 1/2 minutes, and by 5 with a minute and half-you should be able to win the game. Painful to waste a n incredible 51 point performance by Ray Allen including 2 extremely difficult jumpers with people in his face in the last 20 seconds of the 2nd overtime which sent the game to a 3rd overtime. But 2 of Allen’s sidekicks did not hold up their end of he bargain.

Paul Pierce was just not into the game offensively and defensively, and Rajan Rondo was not the brilliant point guard we’ve come to expect from watching his play in the 1st 5 games. Both players tried a little too hard to be the hero when they should have been looking harder for Ray Allen.



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