Wishing for some Magic

Careful what you wish for.

Less than 48 hours after eliminating the Bulls, the Celtics will host the Orlando Magic in game 1 of their 2nd round playoff series Monday night at the Garden. So how did the Celtics finally advance out of this riveting unprecedented series?

After the game Ray Allen said that this was as good a series as he has ever played in. He heard from friends all over the Globe during the ups and down of this series. Big Baby Davis said that it was extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinary. Eddie House credited the teams defense with being the difference. Some would say that Eddie House’s 4 3 pointers were the difference.

The Celtics bench finally woke up and contributed. Actually Doc Rivers finally gave them some substantial playing time. House got 22 minutes and produced 16 pts on 5-5 shooting. Because of foul trouble to Kendrick Perkins, Brian Scalabrine was forced into nearly 20 minutes of action and hit 2 3’s. Mikki Moore even had 4 points as the previously inept bench was the difference in game 7 contributing 30 points.

So bring on the Orlando Magic as this epic series, which had a record 7 overtime periods, is over, finally. How much will the Celtics have left? Watch Sportscenter 5 Overtime tonight for a full story.



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