Updated Scores

Red Sox losing 7-2 in the 8th Inning. Bailey-bases loaded double play and Jonathon Van Every an RBI single in the 2nd.  Masterson walks 2 leading to a run in 3rd. Pavano gets out of bases loaded 1 out jam in 4th as Van Every whiffs and Drew grounds out. Tribe get 3 in 5th, and 3 more in 7th, 2 coming on 2 Run HR by Mark DeRosa

Bruins down 2-1, Carolina scored 2 goals within 1:09 late in 2nd period.  Lucic at 8:43 of the 1st.

Celtics up 69-52 in 3rd quarter with Pierce (3 points, 1-3) playing just 8 minutes due to foul trouble.  JJ Reddick with 11 on 3 3’s. Nobody is guarding him (I’d have 8). Perk has outplayed/outscored Howard 16-11. Scal has been great playing 20 out of 1st 24 minutes. Ray Allen 2-12 in game 1, 4-8 13 pts. Rondo 12 assists in 1st half.



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