What a night- Sox, Bruins, Celtics

An entire plate full of local sports action, maybe unprecedented, tonight with the Red Sox (vs the Indians 7pm-1st pitch by Justin Masterson was a strike and the 1st out a ground out to Pedroia, 2nd out a strikeout,3rd out another grounder 3u), Bruins @ Carolina in Game #3 of their playoff Series, and the Celtics hosting the Magic in game #2 of their playoff series.

Today I asked Doc Rivers that if he was an average fan at home what he would be watching. He said that if he could afford it he would get 3 TV’s and watch them all. Wait, at about 6 million a year he can’t afford 3 TV’s (3 60 inch High def’s wouldn’t even make a dent on his monthly amex bill)? he then said that tho the Red Sox are his favorite team they are playing just a regular season game so it’s between the Celts and the Bruins. And since he said that he knows a little more about basketball he’d, of course, watch the Celtics.

I asked noted celtic television expert Brian Scalabrine how he would handle it if he was home and he said quickly- “DVR 2 of the games and watch the 3rd game on another TV.”

I’m starting with the Red Sox-JD Drew just led off with a base hit to right, and then the Bruins, then the Celtics. I will stay with the Celtics since I am very anxious to see how they start, and finish. I can easily stay updated on the Red Sox on my blackberry and will watch hilites on SportsCenter 5 at 11. The Bruins are a little more of a challenge. I will stay updated on my Blackberry but will record that game at home when I head to the Celtics game.

Pedroia just hit into a double play and Ortiz popped out harmlessly to left. Haven’t missed a thing yet.



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