1 out of 3

The Celtics manhandled the Magic, the Bruins lost in overtime to the Hurricanes and the Red Sox  were pounded by the Indians. We are used to much more success around here.

The Red Sox loss we can deal with-a relatively meaningless regular season game coming off a nice 2 game sweep of the Yankees. Easily forgiveable.

The Bruins loss was a tough one. They tied it late to send it into overtime with a golden opportunity to steal one and regain home ice. Now they must win Friday night or face a very difficult uphill 3-1 defecit.

The Celtics took control of their game early and turned it into a laugher, and did so with Paul Pierce hardly getting off the bench. Foul trouble kept him on the bench most the game as he scored just 3 points. So how did the Celts manhandle the Magic? Behind their 2 smallest players- 6 Foot tall Eddie House scored a career playoff high 31, and rubbed it in a little as he did it. Look for him to get a very cold harsh greeting in Orlando. And 6-1 Rajon Rondo recorded his 3rd triple double of the playoffs including 18 assists and one big dunk. So much for his slump.



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