Winning, winning, winning

How can the Celts, Bruins, and Red Sox possibly top Sunday night’s undefeated 3 game hat trick? They can’t really but they don’t need to, they just need to duplicate it. Quite frankly 2 out of 3 would do as long as those 2 are the Celtics and the Bruins, especially the Bruins who again face an elimination game.

The quality of the Celtics and Bruins wins might be impossible to duplicate- the excitement of Big Baby’s last second shot and the total domination of the Bruins win.

The NHL’s decision to rescind the suspension of Carolina’s Scott Walker is so weak. He sucker punches the Bruins Aaron Ward and gets away with it? Really, are you kidding? Yesterday before they boarded a plane to Raleigh the Bruins talked about again playing tough but having to show great restraint and control from retaliating. The Bruins cannot afford any unprovoked penalties, or certainly any unmatched penalties. They need another big game from Tim Thomas, much like the Celtics need Paul Pierce to step up in tonight’s game against Orlando.



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