Ortiz Breaks out

Finally, there is joy in Mudville, because on this night Casey’s mighty swing connected.

The Red Sox version of Casey-David Ortiz, and his swinging and missing last night finally came to an end. But not until after David Ortiz’s 3rd at bat  as and his 1st 2 at bats last night were not encouraging- a 1st pitch ground out to 1st base and yet another strike out, a bad strike out that saw Ortiz swing at another bad pitch.  The already very uncomfortable was getting downright ugly. From sympathy to questions about Ortiz’s eyesight and his real age. And then it happened, finally.

In Wednesday night’s 5th inning, David Ortiz hit a Home Run for the 1st time since last September 22, 150 at bats altogether. When he hit it, it looked initially like it was a deep fly ball to Center Field.  Slowly Toronto centerfielder Vernon Wells went back, and went back to the wall, looked up and it was gone, into the Camerman’s area and Ortiz had his 1st home run.

Ortiz finished his home run trot slowly, especially his last 2 steps enjoying every long coveted second before pointed his 2 arms upward in his customarily act of thanks to God, and on this night there was plenty to be thankful for.

Upon arriving into the dugout, his teammates tried to give him the cold shoulder. It lasted about 2 seconds before they mobbed the most popular teammate most of them have ever had. He took a curtain call, He could have taken3 or 4 more as Fenway was still erupting. The monkey was off of his back as Ortiz expressed afterwards. 38,000 people left fenway feeling good about the man that has brought them so much excitement and joy over the last 6 years.

Oh yah, the red Sox won the game 8-3 to pull within a game and a half of the 1st place Blue Jays. On this night that was insignificant. Big Papi was back, finally, to being Big Papi, at least for one perfect night at Fenway.



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