Brady On SI Cover

Look who’s back on the cover of Sports Illustrated, just in time for the start of off-season workouts for the full team (media access is Thursday). Here is the official press release from SI, with excerpts.

(NEW YORK – May 26, 2009) – This week’s June 1, 2009, issue of Sports Illustrated, on newsstands tomorrow, features New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady—his 11th appearance on the cover—with the billing “I’ll Be Ready”: The Season Can’t Come Soon Enough For a Healthy Tom Brady. In his first extended interview since his September 7, 2008, knee injury, Brady sat down with SI senior NFL writer Peter King last week to talk about his recovery, his excitement over his return to football and his hopes for at least 10 more years in the game.

Exuding confidence in his surgically rebuilt left knee, Brady tells SI that his recovery is on schedule and that he is running and cutting without pain or restricted movement. King writes: “He was convincing when he said he was ‘as confident as anyone could be that I’ll be ready to play, back to playing normally, when the season starts. I’ve done everything I could to push myself, sometimes too hard. Right now, I’m doing everything. Literally everything. There’s nothing I can’t do.’ ”

Brady tells King that he has learned much about himself during his forced layoff and that he is so anxious to play again that he looks forward to the grind of two-a-days. “‘When I was playing every week, I (complained) about the little things,’ he said. ‘Like, God, we’ve got to go outside today? It’s raining! Or, why is Bill dunking the ball in soap? Or, why do we have a meeting at 7:30 to talk about everything we’ve already talked about. Geez! Then when you’re not playing, you realize that you would [gladly] do any of that—whatever they wanted me to do.’ Brady drew an analogy based on his parenting experience with his 21-month-old Jack. ‘I don’t see him everyday”—Brady shares custody with former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan—‘and we play when I change his diaper: lifting his leg up, playing with his toes, biting his feet. There’s a different appreciation. If you had him every day, you’d go, Let’s just get this done. But when you get him, say, one week a month, you’re like, This is so cool!’ ”

In addition, Brady tells King that he’d like to play for 10 more seasons: “I want to play until I am 41. And if I get to that point and still feel good, I’ll keep playing. I mean, what the hell else am I going to do? I don’t like anything else. People say, ‘What will you do after football?’ Why would I even think of doing anything else? What would I do instead of run out in front of 80,000 people and command 52 guys and be around guys I consider brothers and be one of the real gladiators? Why would I ever want to do something else? It’s so hard to think of anything that would match what I do: Fly to the moon? Jump out of planes? Bungee-jump off cliffs? None of that (stuff) matters to me. I want to play this game I love, be with my wife and son and enjoy life.”


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