Brady-Ready or not?

Patriots nation can take yet another deep breath as their anxiety about the return of their injured quarterback lessens, a little anyway.

We have finally seen our 1st video of Tom Brady throwing a football on the football field. He wasn’t actually moving, at all, in the video. In fact he was moving more when throwing a few months ago when he gave out laptop computers to middle school students. Brady was at a gym there and, while in jeans, moved around pretty comfortably.

Now, on Thursday on Channel 5, we are going to get an extended look at Brady when the team opens up their practices to the media. He should be participating in drills with his teammates. He will not be in full pads but will have a helmet on and should be running at full speed in shorts and maybe even shoulder pads.

So, Patriot fans, just 2 more days until you can breath your next collective sigh, and this sigh should be a nice big one. …BTW,  Brady is going to be just FINE when he returns for his 1st regular season game September 14th against Buffalo, a game you can see right here on Channel 5.



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