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Stop the Insanity!!!
June 18, 2009

Look, I’m not a capologist. I don’t even play one on TV. But even I have the common sense to be able to tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is NO way the Celtics even entertain the notion of trading Rajon Rondo.

(Hey, I was right about the 6-Man rotation and the fact that Dice-K will never go to the pen – ask Dowling and Mazz, since they had to listen to my rants 🙂 )

But wait, Rondo will be due a big contract extension! So what says I! A nice bus is useless without it’s driver! Rondo stepped up big time when the Celtics needed him most in the playoffs. Sure, he still plays a bit out of control at times, and he needs to follow Big Baby’s lead and work on that jumper all summer, but the speed, defense, and court sense cannot be replaced.

Now, there’s some sense in trading Ray Allen as he enters the final year of his contract. But (if as rumored) it’s for a top 5 pick in the draft, that’s a bad idea. There isn’t a true impact player in this draft that can really help the Celtics RIGHT NOW. The better idea is to keep the Big Three together for one more year (really, is there any doubt they would have won the title with a healthy KG?), and keep Scal too.

Here’s why: Ray (18 mil) and Scal (3.5 mil) are off the books after next season. While both guys have value now to teams looking to shed salary, it might be a better idea to keep both guys for the duration of the season and renounce their rights afterwards. Clear one more salary off the books, and I think (repeat THINK – I’m a journalist not a mathematician) you’ve got enough money to bring in a max player.

I’m not talking LeBron… but would Dwayne Wade look good in green? Rondo, Wade, Pierce, Garnett, Perk… pick your poison. That’s a vicious starting five with cap relief in sight (Pierce up after 2011, KG after 2012).

Is any of this really going to happen? Probably not… but it’s fun to speculate. Better than watching the Lakers celebrate anyway.



Here’s your 6 man rotation
June 16, 2009

With today’s official announcement that John Smoltz will make his Red Sox debut next Thursday, For right now, anyway, the Red Sox are going with a 6 man starting pitching rotation, the first 6 man rotation since, since, well…quite frankly, I just don’t know. But here is what their rotation looks like for the next 2 weeks.

Tues vs Fla -Tim Wakefield wins 8-2 to go to 9-3

Wed vs Fla-Brad Penny wins 6-1 to go to 6 and 2

Thur vs Fla- Lester loses 2-1 to go to 5 and 6 on the year

Fri vs Atl -Daisuke (1-4)

Sat vs Atl -Beckett (7-3)

Sun vs Atl- Wakefield (9-3)

Tues @ Wash -Brad Penny(6-2)

Wed @ Wash- Lester(5-6)

Thur @ Wash- John Smoltz (0-0)

Fri @ Atl -Beckett (7-3)

Sat @ Atl -Daisuke (7 days rest)

Sun @ Atl -Wakefield (6 Days rest)

Daisuke is the 1st Red Sox pitcher scheduled to get the longest rest (and the shortest straw), and for good reason- he has been the least effective red Sox starting pitcher. Now this schedule is subject to change since injuries can rear their ugly head at anytime.

I will update you if the above schedule changes.


We Miss George Steinbrenner
June 12, 2009

Especially at times like these, we miss George Steinbrenner. I know that George is not health enough to play an active and public role in running the Yankees having passed that off to his sons but as obnoxious as his son Hank tried to be at times, Hank just doesn’t have the panache that George has .

After loss after loss to the Red Sox (thats’ 8 in a row, 9 over 2 seasons,..  I can only hope that George’s caretakers are keeping him away from the television set), George, in the good old days, would have imploded. Can you imagine what he would have said about A-Rod who despite last night’s 7th inning rbi double, has been ordinary in this series. Ordinary is kind, A-Rod was 0-9 in this series before last night’s double. He is hitting .234.  33 Million dollars a year for .234? Ouch.

Oh George we miss you. Here’s wishing you good health. The same cannot be said for your team which does not show the heart that you demand. The game was a better game when you were actively involved.


Wilfork shows up
June 10, 2009

Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, who is in the middle of negotiations for a contract extension, did show up today for the 1st day of
mandatory 3 Day Mini-Camp saying that he loves football and the Patriots.

The 27 year old Willfork, who looks all of his listed 325 pounds, had skipped the teams 12 “Organized Team Activities” to make a point that he wants a contract extension. He is about to enter the final year of his original 6 year deal. His performance on the field makes him underpaid by the terms of his original contract but he said that he will play this coming season for the Patriots.

Bill Belichick spoke after todays practice and was his usual understated self saying that It was good to see everyone on the field. 2nd year linebacker Jerod Mayo was one of the only regulars not practicing today.

Much more coming up on SportsCenter 5 at 6.

Brady, Bruschi here, Harrison?
June 2, 2009

If you are holding your breath waiting for the return of Safety Rodney Harrison-don’t. The official announcement will come in the next few days that Rodney will not be watching games this fall from the defensive backfield
But rather from an announcing booth. Harrison was a key contributor to 2
Patriot Super Bowls but after last years season ending knee injury-
He’s done.

Tom Brady is here and looking much sharper than last week. Tedy Bruschi
Is here and preparing for his 14th (and you can bet his last) season.

Interesting to see someone else wearing Mike Vrabel’s #50, that would be former BC linebacker Vinnie Ciurciu. To hear how his last name is pronounced watch Newscenter 5 Tonight at 6.